Why Homeowners Are Choosing Natural Pools

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to replace a stark chlorinated pool with a favorite natural swimming spot? Imagine recapturing the look, feel and clean smell of water that has been sanitized by nature instead of harsh additives. As it turns out, pool specialists like BioNova actually can build natural pools that offer the beauty and purity of old-fashioned swimming spots. They are beautiful, healthy and eco friendly.

How Natural Pools Are Different

A standard pool has to be treated with chemicals, to prevent the growth of bacteria and to sterilize it for users. Unfortunately, those additives have been linked to conditions lie eczema, premature skin aging and even cancers. That is one reason that homeowners are considering alternatives, especially after finding out how natural pools work. Although these earth friendly pools can actually be built to look just like conventional styles, they use no dangerous additives. Each includes a swimming area and a regeneration section designed to clean water naturally. It includes healthy flora and fauna that destroy impurities and prevent algae from growing. Essentially, pool builders recreate the eco-systems that constantly clean many lakes and ponds.


Natural Pools Are Elegant

Specialists can build a natural pool in virtually any design that clients want. Although some homeowners choose conventional rectangles, even those are generally surrounded by natural elements, like plants and stones. Pools are often the centers of entertainment areas that appear to flow naturally from the landscaping. In fact, builders can create pools that look like they were there when homes were built. The sections which filter and skim water are seamlessly incorporated into the design and invisible to most observers.

Going Natural Is Good for the Earth

A standard pool needs to be drained on a regular basis. The process spews as much as 20,000 gallons of contaminated water into eco systems. All that chlorine and all those algae inhibitors are left to damage plant life and even water supplies. A natural pool never needs draining. It acts just like favorite lakes and ponds, by freezing in the winter and coming to life again in spring.

Homeowners who want alternatives to chlorinated pools often install natural models. The graceful pools often look like part of the landscape but include professionally installed regeneration systems that use nature’s cleaning methods. They are healthy to swim in and good for the environment.